Colony 47 - Reconnect

Colony 47’s Reconnect is a free, early intervention outreach service that reduces youth homelessness by working with young people aged 12-18 to develop the kind of relationships they want to achieve with family, explore education or employment opportunities and engage with their community. Reconnect offers individual support as well as family counselling.

Reconnect offers a variety of specialised support services:

Tapping Inner Strengths
- this program provides parents with strategies for parenting their teens. It explores topics such as the traps that parents can fall into and how to avoid them, teenagers making decisions and taking responsibility, connecting with teenagers and building relationships.

Newly Arrived Youth Support Service
- provides support to newly arrived young people aged 12-21 and their families. 30 per cent of target funding is dedicated to this target group.

- is an active nature-based program for newly arrived young men that provides an opportunity to increase both sense of belonging and connection to community, through meeting physical challenges in natural settings.

Young Women’s Multicultural Leadership Group
- improves community engagement and involvement for young newly arrived women in Glenorchy.

Adolescent Violence in the Home.
Colony 47 taken a lead role in Southern Tasmania, bringing representatives within the sector together to explore this area of growing concern. Service providers meet monthly to develop informed and progressive responses aimed to better support individuals and families experiencing this highly challenging issue. (Colony 47 Research Paper Adolescent Violence in the home).

For more information young people, parents, carers and referrers can call Reconnect on 62141481 or email us at

Information Last Updated: 19 Nov 2018