Family Violence Counselling And Support Service (FVCSS) - Adult Program

The Family Violence Counselling and Support Service (FVCSS) is a statewide service that provides information, counselling, advocacy and support to assist children, young people and adults affected by family violence.

FVCSS is an integral part of the Tasmanian whole-of-government Safe at Home strategy in addressing incidents of family violence in the Tasmanian community. In Tasmania Family Violence is recognised as a crime and as a form of Child Abuse.

FVCSS is a free service.

The Adult Program of FVCSS provides support to people identified as victims of family violence. This includes anyone whose partner or former partner uses violence (physical or sexual), threats, and/or intimidation to attempt to control and dominate them.

Referral to FVCSS is by self or by another person or service.

FVCSS receives information on incidents of family violence reported to Tasmania Police, and responds to these with direct contact with the person identified as the victim.

Information Last Updated: 23 Jul 2018