Launceston City Mission - Missiondale

Missiondale is a residential recovery program offering an alternative for those wanting to make positive changes in their lives. It’s all about change. The program looks at all areas of a person’s life: - Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Financial and Spiritual.

As a resident you are provided with a safe environment to explore the possibilities for your future. You will be given all the support to do this, but you have to be willing to embrace the change, to take off the old thinking, attitudes and behavior patterns.

Missiondale is a place where you will be helped to change your life! It is about change, if you’re not ready to change, this is the wrong place for you. We want you to embrace a process of personal exploration and lasting recovery.

During the Foundation program the emphasis is on digging down deep and breaking up the hard ground. You will need to address the “unseen” issues in your life - wrong choices, behaviours and attitudes which influence how you see yourself today. This stage forms the foundation you will need to establish a solid base for you to begin rebuilding your life.

Who Can Apply?
People over the age of 18 years of age who want to overcome any life controlling addiction.

How Do I Apply?
You need to telephone and fill out an Application Form to go onto our waiting list. We ask that you stay in weekly contact with us. As you move up the waiting list, you will be assessed at Missiondale, if accepted, you will be given an entry date.

What Does It Cost?
There is an entry fee of $100. Contact Missiondale for current board and lodging fees. Rent is payable in advance. Medications, phone calls, and personal items are additional expenses, payable by you.

For more information visit our website.

Information Last Updated: 30 Aug 2017

Getting there

75 Leighlands Road
TAS 7212