Mission Australia - Targeted Youth Support Services (TYSS)

Mission Australia, as the lead agents work together with Baptcare to deliver the Targeted Youth Support Service (TYSS) in the South of Tasmania.

This services offers intensive case management and therapeutic support for vulnerable young people aged 10-18 who are identified as having significant and/or multiple risk factors and where without support, it could result in requiring child protection or possibly escalation into the youth justice system.

Working alongside individual young people and collaboratively with family, community members, service providers and government departments, our service aims to:
• Reduce young people’s involvement with Youth Justice and Child Protection
• Improve family and peer relationships, self esteem, health and wellbeing
• Decrease occurrence/risk of homelessness or inappropriate accommodation
• Increase engagement in education and community
• Lessen the number and intensity of risk factors

Referrals to the TYSS come through Mission Australia’s Gateway program. Referrals can come from family, service providers, education, government departments, community members or any other source.

Some examples of the risk factors presented by the young people working in the TYSS program are:
• Social Disconnectedness
• Homelessness
• Alcohol and Other Drug Misuse
• Risk Taking Behaviour
• Mental Health Issues
• Offending Behaviours
• Personal or Cultural Identity Challenges
• Age Inappropriate Sexual Behaviours
• Disengagement from the Education System

Targeted Youth Support Service responds to young people as individuals and supports them to make choices and decisions that meet their needs and empower them.

Information Last Updated: 05 Feb 2019

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