Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS) - Problem Sexualised Behaviour

Sexual behaviours by young people that may cause harm to themselves or others are referred to as problem sexual behaviours (PSB).

In order to provide responsive, holistic services to individuals, families, and the broader community, SASS facilitates therapeutic intervention programs for children and young people (aged under 18 years) who are displaying Problem Sexual Behaviour (PSB) and Sexually Abusive Behaviour (SAB).

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of risk with each child/young person/family, and offer an evidence-based, trauma-informed therapeutic behaviour-change program involving:
- Individual interventions for encouraging behavioural change
- Psycho-education
- Family Focused Therapy
- Multidisciplinary Approach – participation in team meetings and collaborative case conferencing, shared decision-making, and coordination of service delivery

To inquire about this service please contact us or see our website for further information.

Information Last Updated: 17 Sep 2018